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Achilles Tendinitis

Author: medeguru (Treatment for Achilles Tendinitis)
Posted: 11/03/2014 @ 0:32 am


Achilles is the tendon that connects calf muscle to the heel. This is the largest tendon in human body and is put into use when you walk, run and in similar activities. Though this tendon can withstand heavy stress, overuse and sports injuries can cause damage to this tendon resulting in pain and swelling.

Tendinitis simply means inflammation of a tendon. Inflammation of achilles tendon occurring at the attaching (insertion) portion of the tendon to the heal bone is known as insertional achilles tendinitis. When fibers of the middle portion of the tendon break then it is known as non insertional achilles tendinitis. Tendons in both the above tendinitis may harden. Bone spurs may occur in insertional achilles tendinitis.

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